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Colton Lindsay

Colton Lindsay - Internationally recognized Real Estate Sales Speaker, Trainer, and Mastermind Facilitator.

He helps agents go from being a business operator to a business owner, create real financial freedom, and live a life they love.

Colton launched The WGR over 15 years ago as one of Utah’s Tops Real Estate Brands having helped nearly 1,000 buyer’s and seller’s through his career.

The WGR is now one of North America’s top Real Estate Business Academy’s and Masterminds. He has trained thousands of agents to become 6 figure income earners with his top clients generate over $300,000 a month in revenue.

Lindsay built the foundation of his business from proven sales techniques he learned early in his career that lead him to selling 75 homes a year as a single agent, becoming a top 1% agent by the age of 28, building a successful real estate team, real estate brokerage, real estate mastermind, and currently has over 2000 agents in his national network with Real Brokerage.

Over the last decade Colton has become financially free through real estate, online marketing, business building, and investing. He shares with thousands of people across the globe exactly how he became financially free by the age of 32, yet also love their life every moment of the way!


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