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WGR Live 2024

This is our yearly LIVE event. It’s a hybrid of in person and virtual tickets. This event is ideal for any agent, as they will have a chance to network with agents from Level 1 to Level 5.

The outcome of the event is to solidify the idea of the 5 levels of a Real Estate agent in their minds. To help them identify which level agent they are, so they can spend the next 6-12 months only focusing on the activities that will get them to the next level.

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WGR Sales System

Pillar 1: Life Management - Time management is a thing of the past. In order to reach your goals in your life and your business, you must first learn to manage your life. Creating goals, setting up your schedule, and creating routines that will drive you to your finish line.

Pillar 2: Setting 5 Appointments/Week - A successful Real Estate Business is based on appointments. If you can't consistently set appointments, then you don't have a business.

Pillar 3: Presentation Mastery - You have the appointment... Now what? Presentation Mastery will teach you how to get those appointments closed and the contract signed.

Pillar 4: Compounding Relationships - Long term success in this business is about creating and nurturing relationships. Our follow up system will allow you to be top of mind when it's time for them to buy or sell their house.

Pillar 5: Skillset Mastery - Learn the Scripts, Master the art of converting phone calls to appointments.

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The WGR BusinessFinancial Mastermind

Pillar 1: Life Management
Pillar 2: Success Through Community
Pillar 3: Attraction Based Marketing
Pillar 4: Mastering Your Money & Tax Free Wealth

This is for agents doing at least $250k/year who want to grow to $500k+/year, build a team and do less than 20% of the production themselves.

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Platinum Circle


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